Working with search results

When you perform a search, Brightspot generates a list of search results of the matching items.

Exporting search results

You can export the search results as a CSV file. This feature is available only if you filter by a particular content type.

  1. In the search panel, search for and filter the required items. Include a filter for content type.
  2. Do one of the following:
    • Mark the checkboxes for found items you want to export.
    • Clear all the checkboxes to export all found items.
  3. Click more_horiz, then select Export or Export All.

Your browser downloads a CSV file. The file contains a column for each column in the search results except for Update Date and Viewers.

Actions available from search results

The following table lists the actions you can perform on retrieved items.

To… See…
Bulk edit items in the search results Bulk editing
Bulk archive items in the search results Bulk archiving and restoring
Create a new collection from items in the search results Creating a collection from search results
Create a new work stream from items in the search results Work streams