Filtering search results

Full-text search can display many matching items, most of which may not pertain to the item for which you’re searching. You can narrow the retrieved items by filtering on fields in the search panel. Each time you make a selection, Brightspot updates the list of filtered items.

You can also filter items without doing a full-text search.

Except for step 1, all steps in the following procedure are optional.

To filter search results:

  1. In the header, click in the search field. The search panel appears.

  2. Type text in the Search field.

  3. From the topmost drop-down list, select the type of content for which you are searching. Making a selection from this list displays additional filter fields relevant to the content type. For example, if you select Article, Brightspot displays a filter field for Author.

  4. To search by publish date:

    • To search for items published on or after a particular time, in the Publish Date field click calendar_today and select a date and time.
    • To search for items published on or before a particular time, in the (End) field click calendar_today and select a date and time.
  5. To search by an item’s status, open the status list and select one or more statuses.

  6. To reset the search criteria, filters, and search results, click Reset.

Every time you apply a filter, Brightspot saves it along with the search criteria under the Recent Searches list (see the figure Recent searches list).

The following table provides examples of search and filter criteria.

../../../_images/search-publish-after.png Filters for any content type published on or after July 5, 2018 at 10:00 AM.
../../../_images/search-publish-before-draft.png Filters for any content type published on or before July 20, 2018 at 10:00 AM and is currently in a status of draft. This scenario occurs if you publish an item and then subsequently create a new version of that item and save it as a draft.
../../../_images/search-articles-kant.png Searches for items containing the word imperative, and filters the results for articles authored by Immanuel Kant.
../../../_images/search-image-tag-black.png Filters for images tagged Extraterrestrials containing colors close to black.


Your Brightspot developer can customize the search panel to match your workflow. For example, when filtering for Authors, you can automatically filter for Articles as well. Contact your Brightspot developer for details.

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