Federated Search and Import

In addition to searching for items stored in Brightspot, you can execute federated searches that retrieve external content from third-party services, such as Getty Images and Google Drive. Like internal content, external content is displayed in the Search Panel, but external content can only be viewed in Brightspot as read only. To make external content publishable, you must import the external type to Brightspot.


The external content types that are available for searching and importing depend on which integration plugins are installed on your Brightspot platform.

  1. In the Search Panel, enter a search term, and select an external content type from the content-type filter. The following example illustrates a search of the Getty Image repository.

  2. Select an item that you want to view in the Content Edit Form.

    The item is displayed as read only, as shown in the next example.

  3. Click Import.

    Brightspot converts the external type to an internal content type and displays it in a writable content edit form.

The following table lists external data types from third-party repositories and the Brightspot content types to which they are converted.

External Type Content Type
Getty Image Image
Giphy Image
Adobe Stock Image
Shutterstock Image
AP (Associated Press) Image
Vimeo Video
YouTube Video
Dropbox StorageItem
Box StorageItem
Google Drive StorageItem