Work in Progress

When you create or modify content in the Content Edit form, Brightspot autosaves your work to prevent against loss of data. In the event a Brightspot session unexpectedly ends, such as from a system failure, Brightspot recovers the data that you did not have a chance to manually save.

As you input content in a form, Brightspot continually and frequently autosaves the content as a Work In Progress (WIP) record in the database. Brightspot indicates an autosave operation with the (WIP Saved) message in the Editorial Toolbar. When you save or publish the content, all of the autosaves are reflected in the draft or revision of the asset that you are currently working on.

If the Content Edit form closes before you save or publish your content changes, Brightspot recovers them from the WIP record. When you reopen the asset, you have the option of clearing or keeping the changes.


If you clear the changes before publishing content, then content reverts to the last draft of the asset. If you clear the changes and after publishing content, then content reverts to the last revision of the asset.

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