Working with Schedules

Brightspot includes a scheduling feature you can use to publish content at a future time. You can schedule individual items or multiple items.

Scheduling a Single Item

  1. Open the item in the Content Edit Page.

  2. In the Publish widget, do the following:

    1. Click Now. A calendar appears.

    2. Set the date and time at which you want the item to go live.

    3. Click Set.

      The scheduled time appears in the Publish widget, and the Schedule button appears.

    4. Click Schedule.

Brightspot publishes the item at the indicated time. In addition, the Scheduled Events widget appears in the Dashboard listing the scheduled item.

Publishing a Scheduled Item Immediately

If you previously scheduled an item to go live at a future time, you can publish the item immediately.

  1. Open the item in the Content Edit Page.
  2. In the Publish widget, do the following:
    1. Click Unschedule.
    2. Click Publish.

Brightspot publishes the item immediately. (There may be some lag before publication depending on your project’s network infrastructure.)

Bulk Scheduling of Multiple Items

You can schedule multiple revisions for simultaneous publication with a bulk schedule. This feature allows you to implement broad changes to the content of your site for a specific event, like a holiday, major news story, or product launch.

A bulk schedule includes a trigger publication date. When a bulk schedule is launched, the Dashboard operates in event-scheduling mode. Any revision that you publish while the Dashboard is in this mode becomes a scheduled event associated with the bulk schedule.

To create a bulk schedule:

  1. In the Dashboard’s Scheduled Events widget, click New.

  2. Set the New Schedule options.

    The Trigger Date is the date when all events associated with this schedule are published.


    Saving the new schedule immediately puts the Dashboard into event-scheduling mode, as indicated by the message bar at the top of the Dashboard.


    Schedule Message

To schedule publish events:

  1. If the Dashboard is not running in event-scheduling mode, click View All in the Scheduled Events widget.

    You are prompted to select a schedule.

  2. Click the bulk schedule that you want to start.

    This action puts the Dashboard into event-scheduling mode.

  3. Create a new item or edit an existing item.

    On the Content Edit Page, the Publish widget includes a Schedule button for adding publish events to the currently running bulk schedule.

  4. Add or modify content and click the Schedule button.

    A new scheduled draft is created, as indicated in the Revisions widget.

  5. Return to the Dashboard.

    The new event appears in the Scheduled Events widget.

  6. Continue publishing content as described in the previous steps.

    The Scheduled Events widget reflects all of the events scheduled for publication for the bulk schedule.

  7. To stop publishing with the bulk schedule, click Stop Scheduling in the message bar at the top of the Dashboard.

Editing or Deleting Bulk Schedules

  1. In the Schedule Message, click the schedule you want to delete. The Edit Schedule widget appears.

  2. Do one of the following:

    • To edit the schedule, modify the fields and click Save.
    • To delete the schedule, click Delete Permanently.