A revision is a previous copy of an item. Every time you save an item, publish an item, archive an item, or change an item’s status as part of a Workflow, Brightspot saves the item as a revision.

Understanding the Revisions Widget

After you save an initial draft of an item, Brightspot displays the Revisions widget in the Content Edit Page. The initial draft and all of an item’s subsequent revisions appear in the Revisions widget. For each revision, the Revisions widget lists the time it was saved and the user who saved it.


Revisions Widget

The following table lists the Revision widget’s sections.

Section Description

First available revision from the following list:

  • The currently Live revision.
  • Unpublished draft created from a live revision.
  • Most recent unpublished revision.

Revisions with future publication date. (For information about scheduling items for publication, see Working with Schedules.) When the publication time arrives—

  • The revision becomes the first one listed in the Revisions widget (listed as Live).
  • The revision no longer appears under Scheduled.
Drafts Drafts of this item. For detailed information about drafts, see Working with Drafts.
Named Past Revisions with explicit names.
Past Previous revisions associated with a workflow. Each revision includes the status when they were saved. For example, in the previous illustration, there are two revisions associated with status Submitted, one revision associated with status Rejected, and another revision associated with Initial Draft. Revisions with the first status after initial draft, published revisions, and scheduled revisions have no status indication.

Retrieving Previous Revisions

  1. Search for and open the item in the Content Edit Page. The Revisions widget appears listing all of the item’s current and previous revisions (see Revisions Widget).
  2. Click the revision you want to retrieve. The revision appears in the Content Edit Form. In addition, the Publish widget lists the revision appearing in the content edit form.

Modifying Previous Revisions

You can modify an item’s unpublished revisions. For information about modifying published revisions, see To create drafts from live content.

  1. Retrieve the unpublished revision as explained in Retrieving Previous Revisions.
  2. In the content edit form, modify the item.
  3. Click Save.

The new revision appears in the Revisions widget. If the original revision is associated with a workflow, the new revision has the same status as the original revision.

Naming or Renaming a Revision

Applying names to revisions can provide a hint for what they contain.

  1. Retrieve a revision you want to name or rename as explained in Retrieving Previous Revisions.
  2. In the Publish widget, click Name Revision or Rename Revision. The Name Revision dialog box appears.
  3. In the Name field, type a new name for the revision.
  4. Click Save.

The new revision appears under Named Past in the Revisions widget.

Comparing Revisions

You can compare any past revision of an item with the most recent one.

  1. In the Revisions widget, click the revision with which you want to compare the most recent revision. Brightspot displays the two revisions under the Side By Side tab. The selected revision is shown on the left and the most current revision on the right.

  2. If you want to update the past revision, do the following:

    1. Under the Edit tab, under History, enter your updates.
    2. Click Save. Brightspot compares the updates with the most recent revision in the Side By Side tab. Your updated revision is under Draft.

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