Previewing content

Previewing in the preview pane

Brightspot’s preview pane displays how your content appears on a specific date. You can use the preview pane to view an item in different media and different contexts, and share an item’s preview.

To open or close the preview pane:

In the Editorial Toolbar click visibility.


The following features are available in the preview pane. (Your version of Brightspot may have different controls.)

  • Share—Displays the current preview in a new browser tab. You can share the preview’s URL.
  • Date picker—Displays the item selected in the Context picker as it will appear on the selected date. For example, if you scheduled different versions of the item for publication at different dates, and you select May 31, 2019 in the Date picker, the preview pane displays the item as it will appear on May 31, 2019.
  • Media picker—Displays the preview as it appears in various media, such as a desktop browser, a tablet in landscape orientation, or a tablet in portrait orientation.
  • Context picker—Displays the preview as it appears in the context of a referencing item. For example, if a headshot is referenced by an author’s bio, selecting the bio in the Context picker shows how the headshot appears in the context of the bio.

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Previewing with Looking Glass

You can preview an item on different devices—before actually publishing it. Brightspot’s Looking Glass generates a URL that you can paste into a device’s browser. The URL displays a preview of the item in the content edit page.

To preview content with Looking Glass:

  1. (Devices other than iPhone) Install a QR code reader on the target device, and start the QR code reader.

  2. In Brightspot, in the header, click your username. A menu appears.

  3. Click History. A history of your previous activity appears along with a QR code.

  4. Using the target device, scan the QR code. The QR code contains a URL that mirrors your Brightspot session.

  5. Depending on the QR code reader you are using, open the URL or paste the URL into a web browser.

The device’s browser displays a preview of the current item in the content edit page. The styling for the page is media responsive, so it may appear different from the preview inside Brightspot’s preview pane.


Preview in Brightspot’s preview pane


Preview in Looking Glass on a smartphone

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