Previewing Content

Brightspot’s Preview pane displays how your content appears when published. Clicking visibility in the Editorial Toolbar displays the Preview pane.


The following controls are available in the standard Preview pane. Your version of Brightspot may have different controls.

  • Pin shrinks the Preview pane to the right of the Content Edit Page. To re-expand the Preview pane, click Preview.

  • Share generates the preview as a standalone web page with its own URL. You can share the URL just as you share any other web page.

  • Dimension Picker displays a preview of your content in a variety of sizes.

  • View Picker applies to an item you are previewing that is referenced by different content types. For example, there can be a Section item that is being previewed, which is referenced by a Story item. If you have multiple Story items, such as StoryX and StoryY, the current revision of StoryX and StoryY reference the current Section item.

    The View Picker allows you to select a content item, for example, StoryX or StoryY, that references the item that you are previewing. The previewed web page reflects the content item selected in the View Picker.

    The following example shows several items of type Story can be selected in the View Picker. The currently published revision of the Story item is reflected in the previewed page.


    Note that the items listed in the View Picker are also listed in the References Widget on the Content Edit page.

  • Date Picker works in conjunction with the View Picker. Whereas the View Picker applies to different items (StoryX or StoryY) that reference another content type (Section), the Date Picker applies to different Revisions of the selected item in the View Picker, such as StoryX_v1 or StoryX_v2. For the item selected in the View Picker, the Date Picker allows you to preview the item as it will be published on the selected date.

    For example, say that you have a Section item that is referenced by a StoryX_v1 revision, which is the currently published revision for StoryX. In addition, you have scheduled a StoryX_v2 revision for future publication, which references the same Section item as StoryX_v1. If you preview the Section item for the current day, the previewed web page reflects the StoryX_v1 revision. If you use the Date Picker to select the publication date of the StoryX_v2 revision, the previewed web page reflects the StoryX_v2 revision.

In addition to the above controls, some Preview panes include a read-only URL field with the URL of the live web page. For information about changing the URL, see URL Management.