Drafts are the first content state of an asset, and are typically created prior to publication of the asset. You can create multiple drafts of an asset, such as weekday and weekend versions of an article. In addition, you can:

Creating Drafts

The initial content for an asset is the first draft. Once a draft is in place, you can spawn additional drafts from previously saved drafts.

To create the first draft:

  1. From the dashboard, create an asset.

  2. In the Editorial Toolbar, click settings, then click Save Draft.

    Alternatively, if the item is associated with a workflow, click the Workflow button. In the Workflow widget, submit the asset to the workflow process.


    Upon saving the first draft, the Revisions widget appears. The following example shows a Revisions widget for an asset that was first saved as a draft and then submitted into a workflow. Note that the various workflow states for a draft routed through a workflow are reflected in the Revisions widget.


See Revisions Widget for a detailed description.

To create additional drafts:

  1. From the Revisions widget, select a draft from which you want to create a new one.

    In the Side by Side tab in the content edit form, no differences are reflected between the two draft versions.

  2. Click the Edit tab and add or modify content for the new draft.

  3. Click settings, then click Save.

    Note that the Side By Side tab now reflects the differences between the two drafts, for example:


Merging Revision into a Draft

You can merge a revision into a draft. This feature is available if all of the following are true:

  • A workflow is available for the asset. For example, if you want to merge a revision of an article, ensure there is a workflow for articles. (You can review your organization’s workflows by clicking Navigation Menu > Admin > Workflows.)
  • You have not published the asset.
  1. Retrieve the revision that you want to merge into the draft. Brightspot displays the revision in the Content Edit Form.

  2. Optional. Review the changes between the revision and the draft by clicking the Side By Side tab.

  3. Click the Workflow button. In the Workflow widget, click Merge with Draft.


Brightspot merges the revision into the draft.

Republishing from a Draft

The typical publishing workflow starts with one or more drafts prior to the first publication of the asset. After the initial publication of a draft, the draft phase of the asset is complete. All subsequent updates to the asset are revisions, that is, post-published versions.

However, in cases where you need to substantially update a published asset, it may be more efficient to return to a draft in the version history than to create a revision based on less complete content. In effect, this course of action republishes a draft that was created prior to the first publication of the asset.

Note that when you republish from a draft, the asset is returned to the draft phase. That is, its status is changed from Live to Draft, making the asset unavailable on the site until it is republished.

  1. In the Revisions widget, under the Past section, click a draft version, which is identified with a Draft label.

    In the following example, the currently published asset shows a history of one draft and two previously published versions.

  2. Click settings, then click Save.

    As a result of this action, the following occurs, as reflected in the Revisions widget:

    • New draft is created.
    • Status of the published version is changed from Live to Draft, removing the published version from the site.

    The Side By Side tab compares the selected draft with itself, thus showing no differences.

  3. Click the Edit tab and add or modify content for the new draft.

  4. Click the Publish button.

    As shown in the following example, the draft is republished, and the status of the asset is changed from Draft to Live.