Drafts and Revisions


Brightspot 4.0 updated the terminology for asset versioning to better distinguish between pre-publish versions and post-publish versions of content. First, the concept of “Initial Draft” no longer exists. Second, the first draft and all subsequent drafts are versions created prior to publishing. Any version created after the draft is initially published is considered a revision, not a draft. This new terminology is reflected in the Brightspot UI.

As shown in the diagram, drafts are pre-published versions of an asset. After the initial publication of the draft, the draft phase of the asset is complete. All subsequent updates to the asset are revisions, that is, post-published versions.


Note that the above diagram illustrates the typical publishing workflow; that is, the draft phase of the asset is completed after the initial publication of a draft. However, you can restart the draft phase for a published asset, changing its status back from Live to Draft. For more information, see Republishing from a Draft.

The state of an asset is reflected in the Revisions widget. Actions that transition content from one state to another are available in the Editorial Toolbar. For more information, see Content States and Actions.