Deleting or Archiving Content

Depending on your role and permissions, you can delete individual draft revisions, delete all draft revisions at one time, and archive, restore or delete a published content item. You cannot delete previously published revisions individually because they provide an historical record of the content item.

A published content item consists of a live revision and, typically, past draft and published revisions. Deleting the content item removes all revisions of the content, draft and published, in one operation. This is a permanent delete, removing all revisions from the database.

As an alternative to deleting a content item permanently, you can archive it. Available only for published content, the archiving operation removes the live content from a web site, but keeps it and all associated revisions in the Brightspot database. Archived content can be restored, making the content live again on the front end of your site.

To archive content:

  1. From the Revisions widget, select the Live revision.

  2. In the Editorial Toolbar, click settings, and select Archive.

    The live revision is removed from the web site. You can restore the live revision, making it again available on the web site, or you can irretrievably delete all revisions of the content item from the Brightspot database.


See also: Revisions