Creating Content

You can create content using the Quick Start widget, which provides a list of the most popular content types. Alternatively, you can create content via the Search Panel, which gives you access to all available content types.

Creating Content from the Quick Start Widget

Most of the time you create content, such as articles or blog posts, from your Dashboard’s Quick Start widget.

To create content:

  1. From the Dashboard, in the Quick Start widget, click the content type for which you want to create a new item.


    A blank Content Edit Page appears.

  2. Inside the Content Edit Page, fill out the Content Edit Form. Depending on the item you are creating, some fields in the form are required, and other fields may have hints pertaining to your site’s style guide. Some fields may allow drag-and-drop from your computer into the Content Edit Form or between different areas of the Content Edit Form. As you complete the form, the fields change colors. See the table Field colors in Content Edit Form.

  3. Some of the fields in the Content Edit Form may be selection fields for selecting existing content in Brightspot. When you click the selection field, Brightspot pops up a menu listing all of the existing items of that content type. For example, when you click the author field, Brightspot displays a menu listing the existing authors you can use.


    If the selection menu is empty, or if the author you need isn’t on the menu, you can create a new author directly from the Content Picker. Click the search icon search next to the selection field.

  4. From the Tools Menu settings on the Editorial Toolbar, click Save Draft.

The following table describes the colors of the field labels in the Content Edit Form as you add or modify text.

Field colors in Content Edit Form
Color Description
../../../_images/label-saved.png Field not changed since last save.
../../../_images/label-edit.png Cursor in field.
../../../_images/label-changed.png Field changed since last save.

After saving your item, you can perform the following activities:

Creating Any Type of Content

Use the following procedure to create any type of content available in your version of Brightspot. This procedure is useful if the content type you want to create is not available in the Quick Start widget.

  1. In the header, click in the Search field. The Search Panel appears.

  2. From the Create dropdown list, select the required content type.

  3. Click New. A blank Content Edit Form corresponding to the selected content type appears.