Creating Production Guides

This section describes how to create production guides at the field, page, and site levels. For information about viewing production guides, see Viewing Production Guides.

Creating Field-Level Production Guides

A field-level production guide provides guidelines for fields within a given content type. For example, you can specify guidelines for an article’s headline (which may be different from the guidelines for a blog post’s headline).

  1. From the Navigation Menu, select Admin > Production Guides.

  2. In the Production Guides widget, under Content Type Guides, click New Guide. The New Guide Type widget appears.

  3. From the Documented Type list, select the content type for which you want to make a field-level production guide.

  4. Click Save. Guide fields appear for the fields in the content type.

  5. For each of the guide fields, do the following:

    1. Hover over the field and expand it by clicking keyboard_arrow_down.

    2. In the Description field, type the field’s production guide. (Don’t make any changes in the Field Name and Display Name fields.)

  6. Click Save.

Creating Page-Level Production Guides

Page-level production guides provide instruction on how to publish a particular page or template type on the site. Examples of page-level guides include the home page, article pages, and landing pages. You can include several content types in a single page-level guide, in which case Brightspot displays the same production guide for each content type.

  1. From the Navigation Menu, select Admin > Production Guides.

  2. In the Production Guides widget, under Template/Page Guides, click New Guide. The New Guide Page widget appears.

  3. Using the following table as a reference, make entries in the New Guide Page widget.

  4. In the Section Descriptions field, add production guides specific to each section of the page by doing the following:

    1. Click Add Guide Section. A Guide Section form appears.

    2. In the Section Name field, type a name for the section.

    3. In the Description field, type the section’s production guide.

    4. In the Tips field, provide useful hints or examples for this section’s production guide. Tips appear with a shaded background when viewing the section-level production guide.

    5. Repeat steps a–d to add more section-level production guides.

  5. Click Save.

Field Description
Name Template or page name. As a best practice, use the same name as the content type associated with the guide, such as Article or Slideshow.
Page Types Content types associated with this guide. Brightspot displays PG in the content edit form’s action menu (settings) for each content type you select. For example, if you add Article to this list, Brightspot displays PG in the actions menu for articles’ content edit forms. When a user clicks PG, Brightspot displays this page-level guide.
Summary Overall guidelines about publishing the page. You can enter the entire production guide in this field, or provide just a summary and enter section-level descriptions in the Section Descriptions field. Brightspot displays the summary and individual sections on separate pages, which may help you decide how much detail to put in the Summary field.
Sample Page Published item of the page. When displaying this production guide, Brightspot includes a preview of the sample page. The preview gives editors an example on which to base their own contributions.
Sample Page Snapshot Image of a sample page. Brightspot includes the image when printing the production guide.
Section Descriptions List of the page’s sections and a description of how to publish each section. For example, a page may consist of a carousel, a series of promo modules, and a right rail. (While headers and footers are usually published separately, you may want to include them in this list as well). Users can view each section by selecting it from the View Section list within the page-level guide; see the illustration in Viewing Page-Level Production Guides.

Creating Site-Level Production Guides

Site-level production guides provide guidelines that apply to your entire site. Entries in site-level production guides include spelling (dietitian or dietician), capitalization (“the President said” or “the president said”), use of serial commas, and many other conventions. Creating (and enforcing) a site-level production guide gives your site a consistent voice over many writers.

  1. From the Navigation Menu, select Admin > Production Guides.

  2. In the Production Guides widget, under Overall Guides, click New Guide. The New Guide widget appears.

  3. Using the following table as a reference, make entries in the New Guide widget.

  4. Click Save.

Field Description
Title Name of the production guide.
Templates To Include In Guide List of page-level production guides, such as production guides for articles and images, associated with this site-level guide. Click Add Item, and search for or create the required items. For information about creating page-level production guides, see Creating Page-Level Production Guides.

Icon to represent the guide.

  • None—No icon associated with the production guide.
  • New Upload—Displays a field for uploading an icon.
  • New URL—Displays a field for entering an icon’s URL.
Description Short description for the production guide.
Overview Actual entries in the production guide, or links to the actual entries.