A shared module is a module that appears in more than one page layout. This is a powerful way to reuse modules: you create one of the other modules described in this section, and incorporate it into as many page layouts as possible.

You can create a shared module at any level of the Content Hierarchy. All assets you create inherit the shared module from the nearest available level in the content hierarchy.

  1. Under Module Placement, scroll down to the module’s placement (Above, Aside, or Below). For an illustration of these positions, see the diagram in Modules.

  2. From the list box, select Add After. For an explanation of the possible selections for module placement, see Module Placement.

  3. From the Add drop-down list, select Shared. A Shared form appears.

  4. Click Module, and select an existing module or create a new one.

    Your Shared form looks similar to the following:

  5. Click Publish.

For information about creating the various types of modules, see the following: