Creating a Promo Module

You can create a promo module at any level of the Content Hierarchy. All assets you create inherit the promo module from the nearest available level in the content hierarchy.

  1. Under Module Placement, scroll down to the module’s placement (Above, Aside, or Below). For an illustration of these positions, see the diagram in Modules.

  2. From the list box, select Add After. For an explanation of the possible selections for module placement, see Module Placement.

  3. From the Add drop-down list, select Promo. A Promo form appears.

  4. From the Item list, select one of the following:

    • Internal—The promoted item is part of your Brightspot project.
    • External—The promoted item is at a URL external to your Brightspot project.
  5. If you selected External in step 4, do the following (otherwise skip to step 7):

    • In the URL field, enter the external item’s URL.
  6. If you selected Internal in step 4, do the following:

  7. In the Title field, enter a title.

  8. In the Description field, enter a description. For an explanation of the buttons on this field’s toolbar, see Rich Text Editor.

  9. From the Image list, select one of the following:

    • None—No image included in the promo.
    • One-Off—Opens a form for uploading a new image. This image is tied exclusively to the promo and cannot be shared with other items.
    • Shared—Displays a selection field for selecting an image.
  10. Depending on your current theme, there is an Overrides tab with additional fields you can use to further define the module.

    Your Promo form looks similar to the following:

  11. Click Publish.