What is Brightspot

Brightspot is an enterprise user experience platform designed to power dynamic consumer experiences that are editorially rich and visually stunning. Brightspot brings teams together and streamlines daily design, development, and editorial processes.

Unleash designers: Create visually stunning experiences with complete design flexibility and no platform constraints.

Empower developers: Speed up development, automate routine tasks, and incorporate industry best practices into your existing workflows with the Dari framework toolset.

Inspire editors: Make the publishing tool as compelling and as easy-to-use as the experience it powers.

Enable collaboration: Streamline teamwork with rapid prototyping, instant changes, and automated tool chains.


Today’s content management systems are often a bare-bones base product that cannot support the complex needs of a commercial-grade web site. To deploy your high-end vision, you need to augment the base product with plug-ins and extensions—along with the compatibility and testing headaches they entail. Often you need to hire an external developer to get the site working as you envisioned. What often starts as a five-minute install turns into a laborious customization effort lasting months.


Any site that relies on a base system + plugins + customized code faces an enormous and continuous testing burden for compatibility. If the base system has a new release, you need to test it against all the plugins and your own customizations. All that takes time, money, resources, with the attendant risks of delays, downtimes, and rollbacks.

Brightspot reduces the time from concept to deployment by providing over 650 fully tested and integrated components, including social networking, search-engine optimization, graphic editor, taxonomy, and all the other out-of-the-box features our customers have been receiving from us for the past nine years.


With Brightspot, you deploy faster because you get what you need without plugins and customized code. You also receive the tools to add new components, design your own themes, and reuse content for different editions of your web site or even across multiple web sites—all without a lengthy development and testing cycle. With Brightspot, you start finished, then customize.

Get Started

If you already have access to Brightspot, please continue to the Dashboard section to learn about the main editorial interface.