Videos can deliver messages that mere words cannot. Videos are popular, easy to create, and can personalize your message.


To add a video:

  1. On the dashboard, under Quick Start, select Video.

  2. Under Main, under Provider, Select Provider: select one of the available sources for a video.

    • For HTML5, click add_circle_outline Add Video File. (For this source, specify the video’s duration in seconds.)
    • Under File, select New Upload or New URL.
      • For New Upload, click Choose, and then browse to the file that you want to upload.
      • For New URL, enter the URL.
    • For YouTube (URL), enter the URL of the video.
    • For the other video providers, fill out the form as required.
  3. Under Headline, if necessary, enter a headline. Some video selections automatically populate the Headline field. You can override the headline if you want.

  4. (Optional) Under Sub Headline, enter a subheadline.

  5. Under Section, select a section.

  6. Under Package, select a package.

  7. Under Tags, click add_circle_outline, and then select tags.

    Your form should look similar to the following:

  8. Click Publish.

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