A gallery is a display of multiple, related images on a site. Galleries can be displayed in a variety of formats to visitors, such as a carousel slide or long scroll pages. The following illustration is an example of a gallery in Inspire Confidence’s home page.


A gallery can be displayed as a standalone asset on its own page or as part of another asset, such as a page or section. It can also be incorporated into text, such as in the body of an article or as a gallery enhancement in the rich-text editor; see Working with enhancements in the rich-text editor.

To create a gallery as a standalone asset:

  1. On the dashboard, under Quick Start, select Gallery. A content edit page appears.
  2. Under Headline, enter the text that displays to site visitors.
  3. (Optional) Under Sub Headline, enter additional text that displays to site visitors.
  4. (Optional) Under Author(s), select one or more authors.
  5. (Optional) Under Body, enter a description in the rich-text editor; for additional information, see Rich-text editor.
  6. Under Items, select Advanced to select specific items to appear in the gallery, or select Dynamic to have Brightspot automatically curate the gallery content.
  7. Click Upload Files or click Add Image. At least one image is required.
    • For Dynamic:
      • Under Items Per Page, enter a number.
      • (Optional) Under Period, enter a number.
      • Under Tags, click add_circle_outline to select tags.
      • Under Sort, select Newest, Oldest, or Page Views.
  8. (Optional) Complete additional options.
  9. Complete your site’s workflow and publish the gallery.

To add a gallery to an existing asset:

  1. In the content edit page, open or create the item to which you want to add a gallery.

  2. Toward the right of the widget, select more_horiz > Overrides. A widget appears.

  3. Expand Module Placement. Drop-down lists Above, Aside, and Below appear for the gallery’s position. (For an illustration of these positions, see the diagram Examples of module placement.)

  4. From one of the drop-down lists, select Replace. (For an explanation of the possible selections for module placement, see Module Placement.)

  5. Click add_circle_outline, and select Gallery. A Gallery form appears.

  6. In the Title field, enter a title.

  7. From Items, select one of the following:

    • Basic—Creates a static list of items. For additional information, see Basic lists.
    • Advanced—Creates a static list of modules. For additional information, see Advanced lists.
    • Dynamic—Creates dynamic list of items matching selection criteria. For additional information, see Dynamic lists.
    • Use Existing Gallery—Uses an existing gallery.

    Your form looks similar to the following:

  8. Complete your site’s workflow and publish the gallery.

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