The placement of a widget refers to its location relative to the content edit form: top, bottom, right, or in its own tab. You provide a placement for a custom widget by implementing the method ContentEditWidget#getPlacement.

public ContentEditWidgetPlacement getPlacement(ToolPageContext page, Object content) {
    /* Return one of the placement constants. */

See the snippet Implementing a Custom Widget in Content Edit Page for an implementation of this method.

The following table lists the available placement constants.

Placement Constants
Constant Description Example
TOP Places widget above content edit form. return ContentEditWidgetPlacement.TOP;
TAB Places widget in its own tab. If you use this position, the tab does not appear for embedded objects in the content edit form. return ContentEditWidgetPlacement.TAB;
BOTTOM Places widget below content edit form. return ContentEditWidgetPlacement.BOTTOM;
RIGHT Places widget below URLs widget. return ContentEditWidgetPlacement.RIGHT;

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