Quick Installation

This option should be used for developers looking to experiment with Brightspot locally. The sole dependency for running this project is Java 8.

Step 1. Download and Install Java Development Kit (JDK)

The JDK is necessary to run Britghtspot locally.

Go to the Java SE Downloads page and click JDK.


Ensure your PATH variable points to bin/java or bin/java.exe.

Step 2. Download

Download the ZIP for the Brightspot Tutorial project.


If you have git installed, you can alternatively git clone the repository.

Step 3. Extract

If you’ve downloaded the ZIP from Step 2, extract the ZIP in a location of your choice.

Step 4. Run

The Brightspot Demo project contains scripts for OSX/Linux and Windows environments. Navigate to the init subfolder of the project.

OSX / Linux

Execute the run.sh script from your terminal:



Execute the run.cmd script from the Command Prompt:


Once the script completes, access Brightspot in your web browser via http://localhost:9480/cms.

The Brightspot login page appears.


To stop the Cargo container:

  • From the terminal window, press Ctrl-C.

To restart the Cargo container:

  • From the init subfolder of the project, rerun the following command:

    mvn -P run clean package cargo:run