Image URLs

Brightspot uses an open-source Apache module Dynamic Image Manipulation Service (DIMS) which incorporates ImageMagick to perform image manipulations. Many of Brightspot’s native themes involve cropping and resizing, all of which go through DIMS.

Understanding Image URLs

You can perform customized image editing through DIMS by constructing a URL that has two components: ImageMagick commands and the URL of the raw image stored in Brightspot.



The following table describes the components of a DIMS URL.

Component Description
A Image editing service to use.
B ID of DIMS configuration to use. For information about configuring DIMS, see DIMS image editor configuration.
C Signature generated by Brightspot.
D Epoch timestamp when URL expires.
E Editing options.
F Encoded URL of image stored in Brightspot.

The URL in illustration DIMS URL is equivalent to the following ImageMagick command:

convert bowtie.jpg -strip -crop 90x58+156+104 -resize 85x55 bowtie-small.jpg

The following examples show the effect of the URL in illustration DIMS URL.

Raw Image (bowtie.jpg) Edited Image (bowtie-small.jpg)
../../../_images/bow-tie-large.jpg ../../../_images/bow-tie-small.jpg

The following table lists the editing options you can submit to DIMS.

Option ImageMagick Equivalent Description Valid Values
brightness -brightness-contrast Image appears lighter. [−100,+100]
contrast -brightness-contrast Enhances difference between lighter and darker elements of an image. [−100,+100]
crop -crop Eliminates area of an image outside of the crop area. Optional offset is available. Integers. For an explanation of this option’s syntax, see Image Geometry.
filter -filter Filter to use when resizing an image.
  • Grayscale
  • Invert
  • Sepia
format -format Graphic format into which raw image is converted.
  • jpg
  • png
  • gif
quality -quality Quality degradation allowed as result of compressing the image. [1,100]
resize -resize Image’s final size. Integers. For an explanation of this option’s syntax, see Image Geometry.
rotate -rotate Degrees by which image is rotated. Integer.

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