Brightspot Editorial URL

The default URL path for the Brightspot editorial UI is /cms, as in localhost:8080/cms. You can change the URL path with the following steps.

  1. Set the URL path in the Maven build configuration.

    In the <overlays> section of the pom.xml file, change the target path associated with the cms-tool-ui artifact Id. For example, if you want to invoke the UI with the /admin path in the URL, set as follows:

  1. Set the following configuration option in the context.xml file.
<Environment name="dari/routingFilter/applicationPath/cms" type="java.lang.String" value="{url_path}" override="false" />
Key: dari/routingFilter/applicationPath/cms Type: java.lang.String
Set {url_path} to match the target path in the project’s pom.xml file.