Brightspot Editorial URLs

The URL editors use to access Brightspot has two components: a tool URL and an application path.


Referring to the previous illustration, the tool URL is, and the application path is cms/. This section describes how to configure both these components.

Tool URL

The tool URL is the protocol and domain editors use to access Brightspot. You configure the tool URL in the context.xml file.

<Environment name="brightspot/toolUrlPrefix" type="java.lang.String" value="{protocol:domain}" />
Key: brightspot/toolUrlPrefix Type: java.lang.String
Set {protocol:domain} to the protocol and domain editors use to access Brightspot. This setting behaves similarly to a redirect directive on a web server.


<Environment name="brightspot/toolUrlPrefix" type="java.lang.String" value="" />

Referring to the previous snippet, editors access Brightspot at Furthermore, editors attempting to access Brightspot at the domain are redirected to

You can modify the application path after the domain name by configuring dari/routingFilter/applicationPath/cms in context.xml; for details, see Application Path.

Application Path

The default application path for the Brightspot editorial UI is /cms, as in localhost:8080/cms. You can customize the application path in the context.xml file.

<Environment name="dari/routingFilter/applicationPath/cms" type="java.lang.String" value="{url_path}" override="false" />
Key: dari/routingFilter/applicationPath/cms Type: java.lang.String
Set {url_path} to any valid path usable in a URL.


<Environment name="dari/routingFilter/applicationPath/cms" type="java.lang.String" value="editors" />

Given the previous snippet, editors log in to Brightspot at